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The Acta Oncologica symposium on biology-guided adaptive radiotherapy (BiGART2015) was held at Hotel Marselis in Aarhus, on June 10-12, 2015.
Key topics for the conference included:

  • Biology of tumours and normal tissue to guide patient selection, target volumes and dose prescrip-tion in radiotherapy and particle therapy
  • Functional imaging of tumours and normal tissues with functional imaging techniques based on MRI and PET, and the use of such images for dose painting and normal tissue avoidance in radiotherapy and particle therapy
  • Treatment planning and delivery challenges in adaptation of radiotherapy and particle therapy based on changes in tumour and normal tissue biology, anatomy and/or function
  • Clinical outcome of biology-guided and adaptive radiotherapy and particle therapy

The meeting was open for physicians, physicists, radiobiologists and other scientists with an active interest in the area. The format include invited presentations, proffered papers and discussion rounds.

The next conference in this series will be BiGART2017, please see more information at